_ - Journal for August, 2009

I hope everyone is staying cool this summer. We've been busy in the studio and Tim and I are proud to announce that our new CD will be called "Red Rock Canyon". The CD will contain 12 new eclectic songs for your entertainment. A track listing will be coming soon. This is our follow up to 2005's "Life in Java". The classic Brainard and Russell sound will be there plus many new grooves. We are very excited. Full Throttle is back in action after a much needed 3 month break, rocking the house in Tujunga in October. I will be playing my acoustic solo show next weekend and will be playing songs from Life in Java, Red Rock Canyon, and my solo project, A Musician's Son. Many exciting music events coming up this year. We just need to lock ourselves in the studio and once in a while, do a show. By year's end, we look for a big release party. See you soon, Mark

_ - Journal for March, 2009

After a rocky start with a couple of health scares, we're getting back to the music biz. Me and Tim are 75% done with our new CD and really look forward to sharing it with the rest of the world. The CD is untitled but we will let you know when we officially name it. We have so much material, that we'll have to narrow down the songs to 12 or 13. We'll probably offer bonus tracks on our websites. Full Throttle is looking forward to recording Christmas album #3 later this spring. We also have some scheduled gigs, but so far it's light. The Promises are booking a handful of gigs in the new year as well. My new house is beautiful and I'm looking to have a little project studio in my den, as well as some community jams. I haven't written much lately due to such a backlog of unrecorded material, but have some great new ideas. There's talk with my musician friends about forming two tribute bands. (ZZ Top and Wings). Only time will tell. I look forward to this busy year. Love, Mark

_ - Journal for November 2008

Happy November. It has been a few months since my last journal entry as I was busy buying a house and moving in. Gigs have been sporadic and some I didn't even put on the calender. (my apologies) Mark I. has filled in on drums a couple of times while Tony had other commitments. We have gigs booked through May of 2009 at Season Ticket. My main attention will be on finishing two recording projects. Brainard and Russell's follow up CD to Life In Java, and my solo CD A Musician's Son. The new B&R is almost 50% complete. We're excited about the new songs and have performed several of them live. I've written all the songs for A Musician's Son and have made several demos. Both will be released in 2009. I plan to play open mics weekly to showcase my new material. I can't post all of my open mic appearances, but if you are interested in coming, please email me. I just co-hosted the Beatles special on Rockin' Radio with Randy Tivens. If you are interested in listening, go to my link on Rockin' Radio. It is not to be missed. My primary future focus will be on original music projects as I want to follow my heart. I hope everyone comes along for the ride. See you, Mark

_ - Journal for April 2008

Hi Folks! First of all I have to apologize for not updating my website for a while. It has been a whirlwind of a year so far. We've played a few gigs and our schedule is starting to pick up. I had a couple of physical issues and almost had to have surgery. After a second opinion I don't have to have surgery and I have a clean bill of health. I've written 3 new songs this year, and Tim and I have recorded a couple of more songs for our new CD. I performed a couple of solo gigs as well. I will be working on updating the website with more pictures and info soon. I finished the first draft of my book and continue to work on it from time to time. I'm hoping to release my solo CD and the book this year. Please leave inspiration for me in the guestbook area. I love to share my creations, especially with you sweet "K". I look forward to a very productive rest of the year. I'll check in again soon. Mark

_ - Journal for January, 2008

Welcome back. It has been a couple of months since I've updated this site. I hope everyone had a Happy Holiday Season. We're ready to go after a much needed rest. Tim is completely healed after major surgery and ready to perform again. We have booked three new gigs at Season Ticket with more to come. We've also been recording the past several weeks and are about 30% done with our follow up CD to Life In Java. I wrote 8 new songs in 2007 and I'm excited about showcasing them. I've also been writing a book about my life in music along with lyrics and poems. I hope to finish it this year along with my Musician's Son CD. Full Throttle has been discussing the possibility of recording another Christmas CD as well. It looks like a busy year for all of us. The Promises are starting to rehearse again and we'll be announcing our future gig plans soon. I am really energized about so many projects this year, and I just have to find my balance as I still have to go to work every day at my real job. I will be updating this site more often from now on. I would like to thank everyone for their support. Also, I would like to send my Get Well wishes out to you Kaitie. Rock on, Mark

Brainard and Russell