Brainard & Russell's Life in Java is a songset with hot electric edges, shining acoustics and brilliant hooks that just won't let go. Indie Music Review 12/20/2005”

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Life In Java" is a solid record, with fine production, and Brainard and Russell have what it takes.”

— Sal Nunziato, NYCD Online (Read full review below)

Life In Java" Brainard and Russell According to their bio, Mark Brainard & Tim Russell have been playing together for over 20 years, listening to and being inspired by the "British Invasion" and "70's California comfort." Listening to their new release "Life In Java" you can almost hear every artist represented in their record collections. They wear their influences on their sleeves and that's not a bad thing. On the strongest moments of "Life In Java," Brainard & Russell create songs that could have been major radio hits in the 70's. "I Don't Have To Wait" would not have been out of place as the follow-up to "I Need You," by America. And, "Lovebirds" could have fit nicely on a mid-70's McCartney & Wings LP, although the sitar and minor chords on the verses, conjure up thoughts of "Dark Side Of The Moon." Mark Brainard's voice could be stronger. On the opening track "Sunday Song," he seems to be struggling with the melody. Yet, when singing together with Tim Russell, the boys' harmonies are quite good. They complement each other, further exemplifying the long term partnership. The downside of "Life In Java," is minor. When the guys get "cute" as they do on the title track, a love song to coffee, and on "Little Froggy," it just doesn't work. At least not for me. Even the cutest of the cute, Paul McCartney can barely get away with it. And he's a Beatle. That said, "Life In Java," is a solid record, with fine production. And Brainard & Russell have what it takes.” - Sal Nunziato, NYCD Online